VENICE, CAChampagne Showers, which recently debuted online, is now being made available in the traditional DVD format by Digital Playground.

Directed by Francois Clousot, Champagne Showers follows small-town girl Jessa as she seduces her high school sweetheart Tyler Nixon one last time before she embarks on a new journey for superstardom. Jessa soon realizes it’s harder than expected, since she’s receiving more casting couch offers than record deals.

The move was released as an online feature at the end of 2013 and made its DVD debut last week.

Also new from Jessa is Family Comes First (Zero Tolerance).

Jessa is leading the pack on new technology, having been one of the first adult stars to sign up with Snapgirlz. The service allows a limited number of fans to subscribe to her exclusive Vine and Snapchat. Click here to learn more about the service works, and to get new and exclusive access to Jessa.

Next week Jessa will be headed to Mystique Gentlemen’s Club in Bridgeport, CT. She will also be doing a meet-and-greet while she is there. The club is located at 2458 Main St., Bridgeport, CT 06606. For more information, call 203-612-8026 or click here.

For everything Jessa, click here. For up-to-the-second updates, follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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