LOS ANGELES—Inspired by the classic Saturday morning cartoons, Jeffrey Bryan, owner and composer of Jefsong, Inc., was eager to recreate the classic themes of his childhood for Extreme Comixxx's latest release The Justice League of Pornstar Heroes.

Bryan is no stranger to composing music and the music business. He has written and composed music for many TV shows and features throughout the years including most recently Ultimate Cake Off on TLC. Bryan was the sole music composer on every title for the now defunct Marty Zion series from Nectar. He has written music for Venom's I  Dream of Jeanie 1 & 2 and recently recreated the soundtrack for Venom's upcoming Saturday Night Fever parody and Exquiste Films parody Reservoir Doggs.

Bryan is currently working on the next Extreme Comixxx's release Supergirl XXX.

Bryan says as adult customers have become much more sophisticated, the industry is appeasing them with better quality productions which definitely include great soundtracks.

"It is a complete package they are purchasing with a lot more entertainment value,” Bryan said. “I have really enjoyed working with Jerry at Extreme Comixxx and his team to help create their visions. It is very rewarding to be able bring quality music into these productions."

Bryan is an accomplished musician who plays keyboards, guitar and sings. "This is not ‘canned’ music,” he said. “I pride myself on real instrumentation and live players in creating these soundtracks. I am always recording or performing live throughout the Los Angeles area." Bryan can be seen live with his Latin/funk band Bag of Tricks on almost any given weekend.

For additional information, and to contact Jefsong, Inc. regarding music for any upcoming projects, call (818) 408-9399 or visit JeffreyBryanMusic.com and JefsongRecording.com.