WOODLAND HILLS, Calif.—James Deen went on an unexpected journey at a local McDonald's when he was unceremoniously thrown out.  

The latest episode of WoodRocket.com's hit web series, “James Deen Loves Food”, captures the host at the drive-through of a McDonald's restaurant, attempting to order one of each food item off of the menu, one item at a time, just as he has in several other episodes at Del Taco, Burger King, and El Pollo Loco. Only this time the only thing that got served up was a confrontation with the manager and a ban for the famous cocksman.

Catch the latest episode of “James Deen Loves Food: Unhappy Meal”, available for free at WoodRocket.com.

In each episode of  WoodRocket's “James Deen Loves Food”, Deen goes on a weekly food-venture and shows viewers that food can be tasty, sexy and fun. From making “nitro” ice cream, to eating his first McRib, to reviewing top restaurants, to setting world food records (The World's Most Expensive Burrito), Deen redefines food porn by making it exciting.

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