LOS ANGELES—Porn star, co-star of The Canyons, AVN Male Performer of the Year and now world record-holder, James Deen makes food history in the latest episode of “James Deen Loves Food,” when he creates the nourishing masterpiece that is "The World's Most Expensive Burrito!"

WoodRocket.com is proud to present the making and tasting of the almost $600 tortilla-wrapped package of tasty, record-breaking excess in the current installment of the hit original web series, “James Deen Loves Food.”

In each episode Deen goes on a weekly food adventure and shows viewers that food can be tasty, sexy and fun. From making “Nitro” ice cream, to eating his first McRib, to reviewing top restaurants, to setting world food records, Deen re-defines food porn by making it exciting.

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The trailer for this episode of “James Deen Loves Food” is available on YouTube here.