VENICE, CA — The time is now for fans to show their love for Jacky Joy, who has been nominated in three 2012 FreeOnes competition categories. Miss FreeOnes 2012, Best Cam Girl and Best OCSM are the three titles that Joy can win if she receives enough votes.

That’s an Official Checked Star Member to the uninitiated.

Joy, whose resume already includes a trophy for 2011 Best Adult Cammer from Blue Screw Review, expects to make a strong showing in the contest, especially since she is an active cammer.

There’s about a week left to vote in the first round of Miss FreeOnes, so fans don’t have a lot of time to dawdle before making their opinions known.

Watch Jacky Joy in the New Jersey thrash metal band NoN-SToP’s YouTube music video, “Crunkenstein.”

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