LOS ANGELES—Sinister X Syndicate makes another talent acquisition and the announcement spreads a feeling of jubilance and joy... Jacky Joy. The 2012 AVN nominee for Unsung Starlet of the Year hopes to increase her exposure, prove herself as a top girl in the biz, and get the credit she deserves by appearing in the feature films of the controversial Sinister X. A specific role has not yet been announced for Joy, but that doesn't stop Sinister X from speaking of her talent and marketability.

"Look at her. No; for real, look at her," asked Sinister X. "Jacky Joy has the cuteness, charm and the charisma necessary to shoot her from unsung starlet to superstar starlet of the year. She's a bundle of energy and joy to be around, and that's why I wanted her as part of the Syndicate. This talent acquisition is big action, just like everything we do."

An announcement about the role Jacky Joy will play is forthcoming, and will be released by company Head of Sales Dave Peskin in the upcoming weeks.

"We are excited to have Jacky Joy featured in our scintillating lineup of all star talent," Peskin stated. "The excitement levels will increase even more when we make the announcement of what her first role will be. Stay tuned to our website, Facebook and Twitter for breaking news, and look for some exclusive Jacky Joy content on the Extreme Entertainment Network soon."

The Extreme Entertainment Network is an "access anywhere, access everywhere" entertainment portal allowing members to access content on their computers, tablets, phones and TV in HD with a ROKU device. Extreme Entertainment Network will be running exclusive content and channels for all the girls in its lineup.

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