VENICE, CA –— Trenton, NJ thrash metal band NoN-SToP knows that in order to promote your band with a music video it’s smart to stick a hot chick in the starring role. That’s why the band’s first official video, for the song Crunkenstein, stars Jacky Joy, wearing next to nothing in footage that is very strategically-framed or blurred in order to make sure it can still be shown.

Shot on location in an apartment above Championships Bar in T-Town, fans looking to study up a bit on Joy need look no further than WHACK! Magazine, which offers up a meaty, two-part interview done by Rick Amortis.

“Being in the industry now — to pursue it now that I’ve graduated college — I’m trying to brand my name and get myself out there,” Joy says of her future in the industry. “I don’t know, I might go behind the camera and start that business aspect of it; directing, writing scripts or stuff like that.”

In other Joy news, the award-winning cammer is going to be teaming up to do gold shows once or twice a week with Arden Adamz, who is also a Philly local and a fulltime cammer who does some porn on the side.

“I am extremely excited to finally find someone in my area to work with on many projects like camming, trade of content and shoot videos,” Joy said.

See the SFW YouTube video for NoN-SToP’s Crunkenstein.

Read part one of the WHACK! Magazine interview at.

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