CHATSWORTH, Calif.—Multi-award-winning director JacktheZipper has teamed up with last year's AVN award-winning band Rockford Kabine to create this year's all-girl opus.

XERO stars Jade Starr, Jayme Langford, Franziska Facella, Zoe Minx and newcomer Devi Lynne in some of the most hypnotic hardcore scenes ever captured on film. XERO “is a masterful stylistic tribute to freaky Japanese grindhouse flicks crashing into cutting edge, ultra graphic girl girl sex—redefining one of the most popular genres in adult in the process,” according to a press representative.

XERO released yesterday as a special two-disc HD collector's edition with extended features and includes the original soundtrack album.

“When Rockford Kabine first approached me to do a project together, we all quickly realized a shared passion for movies like Sasori Scorpion, Zero Woman and Lone Wolf at the River Styx—all the stuff that came out of the Japanese exploitation scene in the 1970s. That was the inspiration,” JackTheZipper said. “I was already imagining a new kind of girl-on-girl movie, so I invited the best female performers I knew to sign up. While we were out shooting scenes, Rockford went into their studio in Germany for three months of very intense sessions and recorded over 50 unbelievable tracks, which became the soundtrack and heart of the film.

XERO is officially the first all-girl Zipper film, but definitely not the last—I’m hooked. In fact, I just got back from a deserted South Pacific island where we shot a positively evil new movie called Cannibal Queen."

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