LOS ANGELESIt Was Always You is the first in a series of Romance titles from Mike Hunt. If you're looking for the perfect mushy movie to bring home to your wife or girlfriend, then this romance novel-style DVD from Mike Hunt will blow you and your lover away. This hardcore love affair and over-the-top sugary movie will make every guy queasy. Women will love this couple’s movie, which opens with a shot of an engagement ring and cutesy chatter among girl roommates about one of them getting engaged. The drippy banter will draw every girl into the conversation.

Heather's friends are all getting married and she's being left increasingly alone except for her childhood best friend, Ryan, who is always hanging out with her playing video games and being friends. Alyshe asks Heather if it's okay with her to date Heather's best friend, Ryan, and it secretly freaks out Heather. The first scene opens all syrupy and over-sweet, like an illustrated romance novel. A young couple is lying in bed, him shirtless, facing each other talking about where their relationship is going. Next scene; Gia's guy is so nice and considerate you'll think he's a wuss until the scene segues into sex. Gia has beautiful skin and her guy eats her pussy to her sweet pleasure. Gia is so happy that after some really great sex she jerks a huge load of his cum on to her tongue and says, "I'm gonna do that in Paris every single night."

The girls are all excited hearing about Gia's trip to Paris and squeal and carry on so much that you will marvel at the realistic, silly girl talk. Then Heather goes to sleep and dreams… Ryan does what she's always dreamt of — touching, kissing, licking, pleasing her in every way. Everything is slow, gooey and sentimental, yet it looks like Heather really likes sucking on Ryan's cock.

"That was amazing," she says. They kiss and confess they love each other… and then Heather wakes up. Next, Maddy O'Reilly and her boyfriend are getting married. Maddy's smooth, shaved pussy looks great as her guy goes down on her. Ending the scene Maddy kneels, she takes him in her mouth and eats his cum.

He says, "I love you," and she says, "I'm gonna eat your cum forever!" Heather finally confesses to Maddy that she's upset she might lose Ryan if he marries. Maddy says Heather should take a chance and tell him how she feels. Next when Ryan sees Heather he says he compares everyone to her and that's why he can't date anyone else.

They look into each other's eyes and say, "You're the one I always wanted…"

"It's always been you…" both say, "I love you," and kiss. The script writer, credited as Urick Hunt, writes as though he were a girl. This completely sappy romance has girls who really love sucking cock. They are totally loving, and the whole movie is shot from the girl's point of view.

"If you thought New Sensations' stuff was sappy and ridiculous, then you're gonna love Mike Hunt's Romance Series," said Hunt of his company's series. "If a girl loves you, she's going to swallow your cum. This movie is so romantic it will literally make you puke. We 'out sensation' New Sensations!"

It Was Always You, from Mike Hunt Inc., stars Alyshe Rylee and Ritchie Brain, Gia Steele and Bill Bailey, Heather Starlett and Ryan Driller, Maddy O'Reilly and Seth Gamble, and is directed by Jim Powers.

It Was Always You ships March 7 and will street March 14.

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