CHATSWORTH, Calif.Adult Source Media and Intimate Encounters present the greatest love story, finally told: Brave Hearts, starring Faye Regan and Rocco Reed, from the minds of acclaimed directors J&W Crawford.

Brave Hearts takes the Romance/Couples genre into uncharted territory with a unique story that transcends history and takes place in present day America as well as 15th century Scotland.

As the story unfolds, Sarah (Faye Regan), the most famous romance novelist in the world, is writing the final book in her series of best-selling love stories. Admired by women from all walks of life, you would think that she wouldn't be having any problems in the love department.

However, words on a page don't necessarily translate into real life. Spending her days writing at a local coffee shop, Sarah finds herself daydreaming about Arnie (Rocco Reed), the owner.

Arnie proves to be the inspiration Sarah needs to get her creative juices flowing. As their friendship develops into something more, Sarah's imagination runs wild. Inspired, she finishes her book about a period of time on the Scottish Highlands, when men would go off to battle leaving the women they love behind in order to defend the honor of their families. These men were known as "Brave Hearts."

Intimate Encounters was recently honored with an AVN nomination for Best New Line.

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