HOLLYWOOD—Danielle Foxxx, known for her killer looks, amazing body and supreme fucking abilities, made her name as one of the most recognizable and viewed transsexual porn stars of her era. She shocked fans five years ago when she surprised the industry by become post-op. After a small break from being active in the industry, she returned to launch SexChangeGirl.com which continues to provide her fans with a taste of Danielle and to introduce her talents to a new legion of fans.

What most fans don't know is that Danielle, with a formal education in makeup and video editing, does all the editing for not only her site but as a freelance editor for SMC Productions. Several months ago Danielle moved to Brazil (her birth country) to re-unite with family. Even with a move across the seas, she continues to give her fans original content for her site and fans can check out scenes of the hottest Tgirls she edits on T3G-Productions.com. Whether in front of the camera or behind, Danielle keeps her hands on the pulse of the industry. Coming in April, she will travel to Spain to shoot with handful of SMC exclusive models and also return to the U.S. in May to shoot more exclusive content.

"Five years ago I made a dream come true and now I am so grateful for my dream job with SMC Productions, not only for the regular work, but for the opportunity to grow as an artist," she said. "But I have to give credit to Rodney Moore as well, the man who trained me to start editing and shooting content. It has been amazing to be able to support myself doing what I love and now be given an opportunity to travel overseas... Isabelle and Nick are not only friends, they are mentors and have an amazing business sense which I kindly refer to as The Midas Touch. One can only dream of working within such an amazing and creative team."

Fans can check out her official website or follow her on Twitter.