VAN NUYS, CA — On February 23, Homegrown Video plans to take intrepid viewers on a journey through the backdoor with Amateur Anal Attempts 30. Distributed by Pure Play Media, this probing reality series entry introduces three fanny-fornicating fledglings.  

The first of the young rectal rookies to partake in the Greek handshake is alternative beauty Layla. With her boyfriend manning the camera and mining her caboose, she takes to the posterior exploration with the prowess of a pro. Following behind Layla’s backside excursion is the adorable Kelly. After a brief interview, this seemingly innocent surfer girl rides waves of anal ecstasy. The next knot-hole novice to get spelunked is Juliette. Her Romeo skips the serenade and goes straight to the sodomy with dildo assisted double penetration. 

“Not only has Homegrown Video mastered submission-based releases, but with series such as Anal Amateur Attempts, they’ve also simultaneously become the leader in specialized genres,” stated Mr. Ritch, national sales manager for Pure Play Media. “Competitors featuring self-shot footage often emulate Homegrown’s model; but so few successfully match the quality and production values attributed to the studio.”