LOS ANGELES—Actor, model and porn performer Nick Manning has landed the coveted lead role in award-winning director Axel Braun's new parody for Vivid Entertainment, Batman XXX, a spoof on the hugely successful, campy ’60s TV show.

Manning, whose body of work has included some of the most memorable roles in adult film history, cites Batman as the crowning achievement of his career as a pop-culture icon. Tori Black has landed the role of “The Catwoman” and James Bartholet will be portraying the role of “The Penguin.”

“All props go to Axel Braun for creating this project," Manning said. "The last time we worked together was on This Ain't Star Trek XXX, for Hustler Video, which was just nominated for Best Film at the Venus Awards Show in Berlin. The part of the villain, Khan, was perfect for me, and the two of us really brought it to life.

“When we wrapped, Axel mentioned he was planning Batman XXX and I told him it was my dream role,” Manning continued. “He auditioned every top performer in the industry, and I'm very please that I was chosen. I don't take Axel's confidence in me lightly so I will come to set meticulously prepared. This is definitely the role of a lifetime and the role that everyone else wanted.”

"Nick really impressed me on This Ain't Star Trek XXX,” director Axel Braun explained. "He showed a dedication, a depth, and a level of perfectionism that very few actors in the business can match, and he literally stole the show. When he came to read for Batman XXX he just blew the competition away, and I am very happy that we'll get to work together on this project. And, yes, he has agreed to cut his trademark long hair for the role..."

It may come as no surprise that the prolific Nick Manning has a new DVD release out, but this time the title isn’t available in the adult section. The veteran porn star scored some mainstream love with an appearance in Lionsgate’s dynamic action sequel Crank 2: High Voltage. Thanks to his cameo, he was noticed by a mainstream director and landed leading roles in two upcoming films.

Manning will be starring in a SAG movie in Texas in February called Cherry Bomb. Manning plays Ian, a strip club owner opposite Jen Sturger who plays Cherry. It's a thriller with a twist.

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