VENICE, Calif.—If you’re looking to spice up your podcast or radio show with an adult star, look no further than Holly Hanna, who is proving to be one of the most uninhibited and interesting personalities in the adult industry.

Maybe it’s the ten or more hours of practice she gets entertaining fans every day. Or perhaps she’s just an unusually open person whose life is so inherently interesting that everything that comes out of her mouth is fascinating. Whatever it is, she did it again on the Lotuscast.

Broadcast on Spreaker, the podcast with Holly runs more than an hour and she doesn’t waste a minute of it, starting off with her rebellious teenage years and working through her webcamming and then onto the gangbangs. She also talks about breaking into the movies, and explains that despite her exploits she is still only working with ladies in both movies and on her cam shows.

“I’ve never done guy/girl videos yet,” she tells the audience. “I’ve always been comfortable doing girl/girl, but with guys I’m crazy. If they know what they’re doing I’ll go nuts.”

To listen to The Lotuscast, go to Spreaker.  

Fans can also check her website, website or follow her on Twitter.