VENICE, CA—If you haven’t heard anything from Holly Hanna in the past day or two, cut her some slack: She just capped off weeks of 10-hour daily camming sessions with an unbelievable 24 hours straight cam marathon over the weekend.

Why would anyone do such a thing? Because it’s what she does.

“I absolutely love to cam,” Holly said before going into the marathon. “I totally get off on it, and for me, five or ten hours can go by like nothing. The 24-hour marathon, that’s just fun for me. It’s a party and I get to hang out with all my friends!”

This week, fans will also find her starring in the new release from Jay Sin/Evil Angel, Anal Acrobats 8. Holly and Sheena Shaw are the 2013 Fantasy Anal Acrobat team, a horny pair of tight ends training their elastic sphincters with a miniature football. For more information on Anal Acrobats 8, click here.

Holly has also signed on with Get Closer/iFriends, giving friends and fans yet another way to connect with her.