LONDON — Harmony Films director Gazzman turns not-so-innocent girl into proper British sluts in Young Harlots: Finishing School, arriving in stores worldwide this Wednesday, Feb. 11.

Clocking in at three hours, the latest installment of the Young Harlots series stars Rihanna Brown, Jenny Baby, Jenna Lovely, Viktoria Rose, Satin Bloom, Nataly and Sunny Jay.

"The girls in this installment of Young Harlots are naughty and nasty things to begin with...but when subjected to the not-so-tender mercies of our depraved educators, they become true harlots," Gazzman said.

Harmony Films sales and marketing manager Jason Maskell praised the director's approach to the series.

"Gazzman invigorates the young-girl genre by injecting a very British sensibility into his Young Harlots movies, whilst playing to each performer's strengths to get the most out of their scenes," he said.

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