LONDON — Award winning adult studio Harmony Films, home to award winning international directors Gazzman and Tanya Hyde, has launched a social networking site,

The site allows the cast, crew, staff and fans of Harmony Films to create profiles and interact with each other. It will also feature forums, host stills and trailers from the company's movies, as well as groups dedicated to directors and movies. Jason Maskell, manager of sales and marketing, said gives fans a destination to gather online to talk about the company, its personalities and its movies.

"There's some people who would rather be anonymous when talking about adult movies and some social networking sites are unfriendly to forming X-rated discussion groups," he said. "Our site will let adults talk about adult entertainment without worrying about self-censoring themselves or running afoul of puritanical policies."

The launch of the site is part of the company's overall online strategy to reinvigorate its online presence. Future plans call for a relaunch of its flagship site, which will include a video-on-demand theater among other new services.

To discuss accounts, contact Jason Maskell at +44-208-559-2736 or e-mail Follow Harmony Films on Twitter at Harmony Films' MySpace page can be found at Its dedicated social networking site is