LONDON — Harmony Films winds down the summer with The Great Harmony USA Giveaway — a contest for retailers that could snag one of them over $2,500 worth of the company's internationally acclaimed and award-winning titles.

The Great Harmony USA Giveaway will award the movies to the retailer that designs the best Harmony Films-themed display, incorporating its lineup of movies that includes Gazzman's fan favorite Fuck Me and Slam It! as well as Tanya Hyde's fetish-themed gonzo extravaganzas, in their store.

Interested retailers should submit high resolution digital stills of the display to their distributor by Aug. 24. Harmony Films will announce the winning store on Aug. 31. The winner will receive one copy of each title in the Harmony Films library.

"The Great Harmony USA Giveaway is an amazing opportunity for retailers who know the Harmony Films brand and who have seen, in their own stores, our company's explosive growth in consumer awareness and sales since we took over our own distribution," Jason Maskell, Harmony Films' sales and marketing manager, said. "It's also a great way for stores that may have just heard of us or seen our movies in passing to get in on one of the fastest-growing adult companies in the world with just an investment of a display. We're working hand in hand with distributors around the U.S. to help as many retailers across the country participate in this amazing giveaway."

Retailers may contact their wholesalers for more information; if their wholesaler does not stock Harmony Films, they may contact American distributors may call (877) 641-5300 ext. 256 or (818) 989-1570, (818) 989-1580 (fax) or for orders. UK and European distributors may contact Paula Chalmers at +44-208-505-1645 or +44-208-505-0947 (fax) and for orders. To discuss accounts, contact Jason Maskell at +44-208-559-2736 or email

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