CYBERSPACEAsian adult entertainer Francine Dee is introducing the world to “The Groundbreaker” for her 33rd birthday. Although not a super-sized reptile that shoots white hot fire from its mouth, nor a gigantic moth with tiny singing girls in tow, her marketing team contends that her redesigned site is something the world has never seen before.

Since 1997, has featured cutting-edge technology and award-winning graphics that push the limits of what is otherwise available on the internet.

“The Groundbreaker” incorporates thousands of hours of work by some of the mainstream industry’s top designers and programming specialists, and reveals a site concept believed to be previously unseen in the global adult industry.

The site is in ultra-high definition (native 1920 x 16:9 resolution) HTML5 and can auto-adjust to all screen sizes, including tablets, laptops, desktops and full high definition or 3D television screens.

They have also included a mobile site in their tech launch.

“We used state-of-the-art market testing, which revealed techniques to holding attention longer and providing full resizing and moving control over all content,” said David Grieshaber, CEO of "The site is simply incredible and allows users to have a number of images open at once, as well as have multiple remote house cameras open. It’s a revolutionary step forward for our industry.”