CHARLOTTE, N.C.—Girl Candy Films and AEBN have released writer/director Nica Noelle's Lesbian One Night Stand on DVD. This tale of seduction takes a sinister turn as the seduced learns there is more to her lover than she thought. 

At the end of a business trip, beautiful brunette Sovereign Syre dreads flying home to an unsatisfying life. While procrastinating by drinking alone in a strange bar, Sovereign meets mysterious older blonde Jennifer Best, who insists on buying Sovereign a drink and making small talk designed to unhinge the shy beauty. Sovereign soon succumbs to the older woman's seductive head games and they begin a torrid love affair. But is there more to the cool blonde than meets the eye? What other discarded beauties lurk in the shadows, plotting revenge?

"With an intriguing seduction story and a cast full of gorgeous women, Lesbian One Night Stand became a big hit on VOD," said AEBN Vice President of Sales and Marketing Jerry Anders. "It's no wonder, and we're looking forward to a great reception for it on DVD."

"Lesbian One Night Stand reflects my desire to increase the emotional content and add extra psychological layers to our story lines," Noelle said. "I know from my own experience that lesbian relationships are deeply complex and emotionally rich, and I want to bring that experience to my audience. Sovereign Syre, in particular, is once again wowing fans with the depth of her performance."

Lesbian One Night Stand is now available on DVD as well as exclusively across the AEBN VOD network.