VENICE, Calif.—Gen Padova is on a lot of lists and now there’s a new interview with her on Barelist that exposes Gen for the fantastically well-spoken renegade veteran she is.

What do you want to know about Gen? Her early work? That was at Sears. Last book she read? Girlvert. Schooling? Yeah. Beverages? You get the full list. Clothing, personal surprises, cars, technical details, fun stuff—what do you want to know?! It’s probably here.

For a tease we’ll select a sex question, even if it’s more common types of porn star questions that appear in the interview:

Q: What is your favorite sex toy?
A: It’s all about keeping it simple. Maybe because I’m super sensitive. I love the typical hard plastic vibrators the best!

Click here to read the interview with Barelist. And don’t forget to read the most recent Moment of Gen here.  Her official site is here. Follow Gen on Facebook and Twitter, and see her amazing one-dimensional creations here.