VENICE, Calif.—Following Gen Padova's  interview with WHACK! magazine, the editorial staff convened and decided they needed to get her on the staff. Since she’s just bought a house in Texas and isn’t about to move to New York City to add some pretty to the editorial meetings, it was settled that she would become a columnist for the magazine.

“Gen will be starting a new column for us on a topic of her choosing that revolves around sex, the industry, and possibly her personal life,” Publisher/Editorial Director of WHACK! Magazine j. vegas said. “We haven't figured out details yet, but Gen is in brainstorming mode and will be sending her ideas to us very soon. It was after her most recent interview with us that I personally decided to contact Gen to discuss writing for us. The interview leapt off the page and responses to it we overwhelmingly positive. Gen jumped at the chance to write for us and we couldn't be happier that she accepted.”

The announcement comes on the heels of Gen celebrating 10 years of Fans will want to check out the latest installment of StickPorn, “Chode Chugger,” which has been added to Also, the video footage of the San Antonio Fetish Ball, where 100 percent of all proceeds were donated to the San Antonio AIDS Foundation, is now available on Gen's site.  

"We chose Gen as WHACK!’s latest and greatest contributing writer because of her unmistakable personality and ubiquitous online presence,” the all-lower-cased WHACK! publisher continued. “She’s a fan favorite and always has something interesting to say. Much like the lathery loads she once quaffed, Gen is a bubbly and spunky entity who’ll bring a whole new aspect of ribald raconteuring to our already global base of readers."

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