VENICE, Calif.—You can call them “blogisodes”—episodic events in the blogging life of Gen Padova. This week she recommends settling in with some popcorn or wine and cheese or whatever it is that helps you get comfortable so that you can enjoy the first of the two-part blog called “The Innocence of First Time Love.”

Sure, we’ve all been there, but we can’t all express it in the same way Gen Padova is able to retrace the steps of her first time for everything. It doesn’t hurt that even before she lost her virginity she was actively photographing and videotaping herself for the world to see.

“From how we met, to steamy details of giving a blowjob for the first time, making out in dressing rooms to broken hearts, a story of long lost lovers, a reunion times a few, rekindling a fire that never went out, tales of never knowing monogamy to an engagement, dreams come true, having to pull life support on a patient and finding true authentic self through a decade long life lesson,” is how Gen sums it all up. “It’s a memoir of passion, intellectuality, heartbreak and truth will ring similarity to the movie The Notebook.”

 But there’s no Nicholas Sparks in this one; the fire is pure Gen and this redhead is scorchingly honest as she retraces the steps of love and virginity lost. All the details are available for all members on and excerpts and more teasing can be found on her free blog,

Her second WHACK! column is at here. Her official site is here. Follow Gen on Facebook and Twitter, Visit here to see her amazing one-dimensional creations.