VENICE, Calif.—Viewers of Fuse TV were in for a surprise the past weekend when the network aired an interview with Taylor Momsen. The star of Gossip Girl and lead singer for The Pretty Reckless is also a close friend of Jenna Haze. Though the adult director/star may have stopped getting it on in front of the camera for XXX performances, she's still willing to show off her sexy ways on stage.

The network turned out a “5 Things You Didn’t Know About Taylor Momsen” piece (she has an extensive doll collection, loves cheese, watches Teen Mom, treasures broken things and fears being stuck in an elevator) and then they got to the good stuff, revealing footage of Taylor's good buddy giving her one of those legendary Haze lapdances.

“We played the House of Blues in Los Angeles,” Taylor said. “Jenna Haze came on and gave me a lap dance in the middle of ‘Make Me Wanna Die,’ which was not planned. Suddenly there’s a chair on the stage, literally in mid-song, and she’s walking on stage and I’m like, all right, I’m going with it, I’m going with it. That’s the start of the tour, so that gives you an indication of where it’s gone.”

Of course, fans won’t see it as a complete surprise. The pair appeared together in FHM earlier this year and Jenna has a steamy appearance in the video for The Pretty Reckless’ “My Medicine.” Taylor told Fuse that Jenna was “one of the starters for the concepts of the video.”

Haze was inducted into the X-Rated Critics Organization last month and will be feature dancing in Oklahoma next week.

Weren’t tuned in to Fuse at the right time to catch the interview? Click here to see the interview, and also go to Youtube for more.

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