LOS ANGELES, CA — Many of us worked at places that rewarded their employee of the month with a plaque, a gift certificate, name tag, shirt or other nominal reward. Now the good folks at Immoral Productions have taken this a step further by rewarding their Fluffer of the Month with the box cover of their critically-acclaimed and top-selling Fluffers series. 

Immoral Productions CEO, Dan Leal, said, “I was trying to decide what would be a fitting reward for the girl who best exemplifies what it is to be a fluffer. A fluffer is someone who is always ready to suck away or do whatever else it takes to get that smile and sperm from the guy they are pleasing. It occurred to me I should get them something. I thought, ‘Should I get a t-shirt, a trophy or tiara?’ I felt what they truly deserved was to give them the box cover of our Fluffers series. The first model to get this honor is Rachel Roxxx, who truly showed the spirit of what it is to be a fluffer by giving over and over again until every man on set was the happiest they have ever been.” 

Fluffers Volume 10 stars nine ladies who truly understand what it is to be in the giving spirit, as they all go the extra mile to do whatever it takes to make a man satisfied in more ways than one. In the opener, Nikki Sexxx, Taylor Russo and Isabella Blue go all out to make sure the three guys they are fluffing leave fulfilled. Tanner Mayes, Amy Brooke and Lizzy London team up and do whatever it takes to get the jizz from the degenerates they delight. Chloe Reece Ryder, Rachel Roxxx, Kaylee Hilton and Nikki Sexxx truly go beyond the call of duty as they even open up their assholes in the spirit of doing whatever it takes to earn the man chowder meal. 

Like all Immoral Productions titles, Fluffers Volume 10 is distributed via Pure Play Media.  Pure Play Media sales manager, Bill Rix, said, “Rachel Roxxx truly earned the title Fluffer of the Month. The girls she enlisted to help her were the most eager batch of models I have ever seen, and when you think of all the movies I have released that is saying something!”