LAS VEGAS, NV— Sunset Thomas is known for a lot of things related to the adult industry, but appearing in a recent photo layout is not one of them. Christmas is arriving early for fans of the legendary adult siren, however, because images from Thomas’ first shoot in five years are now available for viewing — and purchase.

Unlike photos most fans are familiar with, the images captured by local photographer, Tony Lance Chiu, show a side of Thomas that has rarely been seen before. In the place of the standard porn hardcore, softcore, glamour, pussy and boob pics are an artistic array of sensual, playful, sometimes fierce and always intimate.

“These photos are artistic renderings. I’m the subject, not simply an eye-candy model,” explained Thomas. “We shot them all in my Vegas home — so this is Vegas-centric in a very domestic way. Each pic tells a story, captures a mood and a moment. Tony is a kick-ass visionary!”

Available on the Sunset Thomas Art Gallery website, Thomas says of the collection, “I’m seriously thrilled by what we’ve accomplished. I haven’t shot in five years and kind of didn’t have a desire to do the same old thing. I hope my fans will be happy to see my nakedness presented as art.”