LOS ANGELES, CA—Asian BBW performer and PaddedKINK.com director/producer Kelly Shibari’s first offering from the Charles Gatewood Archives line, Charles Gatewood’s Tales of Submission, hits retail shelves and online stores June 19. Tales of Submission covers three lovely BDSM lifestylers displaying their submission in a variety of ways to their masters, including wax, flogging, large toys, and bondage. Shibari retains full rights to the Charles Gatewood Archives on behalf of the legendary fetish photographer.

“Charles’ work is a must-collect item,” Shibari opined. “With the public appeal for anyone in BDSM, kink, fetish, body modification, and all alternative lifestyles, it’s important to see where kink and fetish photography started. The Gatewood Archives needs to be a part of any dungeon library and personal fetish collections.”

For a box cover image of Charles Gatewood’s Tales of Submission, click here.

“Charles Gatewood, the man known as ‘the anthropologist of the forbidden’, has been documenting America’s sexual underground and alternative subcultures since the 1960s,” explained Fetish newsletter TheFetishistas. “And though his name may not be that familiar to some younger pervs whose knowledge of fetish history is not that broad, the chances are that even these people will instantly recognize some of his best-known images… Gatewood’s work can be traced back to photographs that appeared in the late ’80s ReSearch publication Modern Primitives, the seminal work on body modification cults and characters which introduced the original 'Modern Primitive,' San Francisco’s Fakir Musafar, to a much wider audience.”

“We’re very excited to bring Gatewood’s archival content to our customers,” said Monarchy Distribution owner Mike Kulich. “We’ve already received massive interest from our customers, both fans of his work and those who understand the historical significance of having these scenes available on DVD. We’re honored and proud to provide Tales of Submission to our buyers and the public.”

Wholesale buyers interested in ordering Charles Gatewood’s Tales of Submission should contact Howard Levine at Exile Distribution. For order inquiries, email here or call 818-576-9464.

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