VAN NUYS, CA — The Score Group serves up a delicious repast with Feed Her Fuck Her 3. Savor a feast of meaty gals as they get stuffed from both ends. These famished females can’t wait until after dinner to enjoy their sexual sorbet. They want their cake and to beat it too. Distributed by Pure Play Media, this erotic smorgasbord is now available for consumption.

Whether it’s an entire meal or just dessert, these multi-tasking mamas devour every last bite, all while taking an extra helping of man meat. From the bedroom to the living room, all their insatiable appetites are satisfied. Even the voracious Peaches La Rue and Shugar get their fill as they share one man and a snack. Joining these husky honeys in this bawdy buffet are Nikki Cars, Sienna Hills, Jammin Jennie and cover girl Glory Foxxx. 

“At all the adult shows, the ladies of the plumper genre always draw the biggest crowd,” stated Mr. Ritch, national sales manager for Pure Play Media. “The popularity of these beauties is incredibly wide spread. Retailers continually sell out of these particular Score titles. Additionally, this film crosses over the palate of adult categories to reach fans of the food fetish as well. Without a doubt, Feed Her Fuck 3 will have consumers coming back for seconds.”  

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