LONDON — It's an age-old question: will the fans prefer the young and vibrant energy of a barely legal teen or the sexy knowledge and confidence that comes with a MILF?

UK's Red Hot TV stations wants to know what viewers think and will put the issue to rest with a competition between two of UK's hottest pornstars — the MILF Tanya Tate and teen bad girl of Britain, Katie K.

"I'm thrilled" said K. "I'm honored to stand in my corner for all the young gals that are trying to find their way in the adult industry. But I have to say, I'm also a touch nervous. Tanya Tate is one of the sexiest women I've ever seen and if anyone is going to be a formidable competitor, it's her. We'll have to see what age the fans prefer."

UK's Red Hot TV stations will be supplying the platform for the friendly competition and, indeed, making this September Red Hot. The channels will be hosting both a Tanya Tate and a Katie K night during which viewers may vote for what age they prefer by buying the night of television that showcases their favorite porn star.

On Friday, September 28th, the Red Hot TV Mums channel (Sky 905, Virgin 481) will be showing a Tanya Tate night. If you wish to vote for the busty bombshell MILF, simply order the Red Hot TV Mums channel on September 28 or click for her online at the website.

The Red Hot TV 18's channel will be broadcasting a night of Katie K material on Saturday, September 29. To vote for Katie K and all her teen goodness, order the Red Hot TV 18's channel (Sky 907, Virgin 480) on September 29 or click for her on the website.

"I'm always up for a little friendly competition," said the MILF representative Tanya Tate. "Especially with a cutie pie like Katie K. I'm honored to be chosen to represent the MILFs. We've got to band together and prove that women with a little experience are not a group that should be messed with. We'll always give you a mind blowing performance in the end."

Who reigns supreme between MILFs and teens? The vote is in the viewers’ hands.