LOS ANGELES, CA — Elegant Angel took away a slew of awards at this year's XRCO (X-Rated Critics Organization) Awards Show on Thursday night, April 25. The evening's event was held at Supperclub in the heart of Hollywood and was attended by many in the industry. Wasteland won this year's top XRCO awards for Best Release, Best Director Graham Travis, and Best Actress Lily Carter.

Elegant Angel also won for Best Gonzo Movie, Insatiable 3, starring Asa Akira and directed by Mason. Additionally, for his series Performers of the Year and Swimsuit Calendar Girls, William H. picked up the award for Best Director of Non-Features.

Patrick Collins (Elegant Angel's owner) expressed praise for her crew and pet project.

"Wasteland," emphasizes Collins, "was a movie that was extremely well-written… When I first read the script, I could see it! Graham's genius was in capturing what I saw in my mind's eye when I read it. Graham's accomplishment is unparalleled in anything that I have ever seen in this industry. Not only did Graham accomplish this, but I believe it would be impossible to replicate... by anyone.”

"Also," continues Collins, "without Bruce Carter's audio, Wasteland would have been a 'good movie'… but not a great one. Graham's script conveyed the depth it did because everything from his casting to his crew was flawless. He did everything required to get the best from everyone! Performances of such high-caliber are rare, to say the least.”

"Wasteland was perfect. Therefore, Lily Carter certainly deserves the award for Best Actress, as does Graham for Best Director, as do all of the other people who were involved in making this production what I consider to be the best production ever to come out of this company.

"Our future as a company," Collins points out, "is transitioning because I believe in 'better' — always. And in all ways. This release was an emotional experience that left an impression on me of what great writing, a lot of hard work, and a little bit of luck can do. My personal congratulations to Graham, Asa, Lily, and William H."