TAMPA, FL — DreamZone Entertainment has been recognized with five major Nightmoves Award nominations, including Best Production Company, Nightmoves’ top company awards honor. Known for putting erotic twists on popular movies and television programs of yore, the award-winning niche studio is also nominated for four of its most popular parody productions from this past year in the categories of Best Parody: Drama (E.T. XXX, Rambone XXX) and Best Parody: Comedy (One Flew Over the Cuckold’s Nest, The Little Spermaid). 

Veteran industry director Jordan Septo, behind three of the four DreamZone titles recognized, is nominated for an individual award in the category of Best Director (Parody). 

DreamZone Entertainment VP Adam H. comments, “We’ve had the opportunity to work with some incredible directors and performers this past year, and we are honored to find that our hard work has paid off. Our gratitude goes out to Nightmoves Magazine, our customers, and the fans for their continued support.” 

To vote for DreamZone Entertainment and other Nightmoves Award nominees, please visit the Nightmoves Award National Ballot Home Page. Voting is open until September 15. 

The 22nd Annual Nightmoves Awards are an off-shoot of NightMoves Magazine based in Tampa Bay, FL, and is the first fan-based adult awards show and the first to allow on-line voting. 

All of DreamZone Entertainment’s signature parody and specialty focus titles are available exclusively in the United States through Vantage Distribution.