LONDON — For its virgin venture into the porn parody market, Harmony Films' Down On Abby: Tales from Bottomley Manor has charmed at least one Downton Abbey star and Conan O'Brien with its authenticity, production value, and large breasts. 

Michelle Dockery, who plays Lady Mary on the BBC hit, was chatting with Conan O'Brien on his TBS show when the host pulled out a DVD of the Gazzman-directed parody, officially released on April 1. 

"That's me, isn't it," Dockery asked as O'Brien pointed to her porn doppelganger, Lexi Lowe, on the cover. "The one with the very large breasts?" 

Gazzman filmed the all-British cast (including Lexi Lowe, Jasmine Jae, Ava Dalush, and Tony DeSergio) at an actual castle near Birmingham, England. 

"Americans need to build sets in warehouses to film their parodies," says Gazzman. "In the United Kingdom, we just haul off and find a castle. There's loads of them here." 

Gazzman says that the local town council tried to get the shoot closed down when villagers realized what was going on at their beloved castle, but the production wrapped successfully.  

"Down On Abby is very loosely based on Downton Abbey," says Gazzman. "There's Lord Grabhem who is an obsessive panty collector and, of course, the daughters Abby and Fanny are both adopted…" 

When asked if there were class divisions on the set of Down On Abby, just like there would be in an Edwardian manor home, Gazzman says, "All the crew were like the servants and all the porn girls acted like royalty.” 

Down On Abby can be ordered at its official website,

Watch Michelle Dockery discuss Down On Abby with Conan O'Brien.