VAN NUYS, CA — In the second entry into the clockwork world of Watching You, Riley Steele uses mystical watches presented as wedding gifts in order to see into her future and learns that no one can hide from the forward-looking time pieces.

Sexy, seductive Riley Steele discovers a weak link in her marriage as perverted visions and dreams haunt her, even after her wedding. The mysterious watches given as an engagement gift from friends the couple thought they could trust turn out to posssess the outlandish ability to give the wearer a glimpse into a future affair of their spouse or a return of an old flame. Convinced her new husband is having a lusty affai,; the emotional and sexual connection is broken by an unexpected visit from her brother-in-law and his highly sexually charged girlfriend.  

“I loved being a part of this movie and being lusted after by two hot men. What girl doesn’t love being desired by adoring men?” says Riley Steele. “All the drama in this movie also makes for some hot sex scenes with yours truly getting down and dirty and banged senseless. Got to love that!” 

“Riley’s features just keep getting more intense and her performances are hotter than ever.” remarks Samantha Lewis, CEO of Digital Playground. “I always enjoy watching our contract stars grow and blossom as performers.”

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Watching You Episode 2 is on DVD/Blu-Ray combo and includes a behind the scenes featurette, photo gallery and bonus trailers. Watching You Episode 2 is presented in 16:9 widescreen format with 5.1 digital surround sound and no regional coding.