BURBANK, Calif.—Adult studio Digital Playground announces that the company was more than ready for the unveiling of the 4K television sets at the annual Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. Given that the studio has been shooting for 4K since 2007, Digital Playground lays claim to having adult's largest 4K video librar

4K is an extremely high video resolution that is used in theatrical movie releases, a format adult powerhouse Digital Playground currently films with. At CES, Sony, Toshiba, LG and Sharp have all unveiled their 4K UHD TV models. While it may be some time before the units become a common item in households, Digital Playground is prepared.

“Digital Playground has been shooting 4K since late 2007,” said Joey Pulgadas, editor at Digital Playground. “Which means our entire catalogue since then is 4K ready for the fast approaching era of 4K technology.”

“Digital Playground has always been at the forefront of future proofing our content thanks to Ali Joone, its founder and true visionary,” says Cousin Nick, Digital Playground video editor. “Under his leadership Digital Playground became the first adult company to shoot on the Red One camera system.”

In addition to hit films from the past, including Digital Playground's Fighters and Top Guns, the studio’s upcoming adult entertainment film Code of Honor was also filmed in 4K. Code of Honor features Digital Playground contract stars Jesse Jane, Kayden Kross, Riley Steele and Stoya as they come together to save Selena Rose, the law enforcement agent who is caught while undercover. Code of Honor will be available on DVD and Blu-ray on February 12.

SFW and NSFW trailers can be found on the film’s official website, CodeOfHonorXXX.com. Movie stills and behind-the-scenes footage are also made available for viewership on the film website.