LOS ANGELES, CADee Siren has found a new home as Dr. Dee — and has joined the Kris & Berman Show to dispense sex advice every other Wednesday during her bi-weekly segment.

Dee made her debut almost two weeks ago and received a ton of questions about techniques, fetishes and more. She will be making her second appearance on the show this Wednesday, May 30 at 7:00 pm PT/10:00 pm ET. Tune into the show and listen live.

Fans and listeners who want to have Dr. Dee Sexologist answer their sex questions should contact her or Kris & Berman via Twitter. Make sure and mention the questions are for Dr. Dee. 

“I really missed being Dr. Dee and am happy to be part of the Kris & Berman Show — these guys are no holds barred and have an amazing show,” says Siren. “We had some great questions last time. People are really looking for answers to their sex questions, even the outrageous ones, including a guy who asked me about having sex with a goat. This week’s show will be even better.” 

Dee Siren will be in Los Angeles for filming and go-sees from June 4 - 9. Directors, studios and websites looking for a hot, busty, blonde MILF who specializes in squirting, gaping, anal and more, should contact her manager, Wayne

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