LOS ANGELES—Hotwife Dee Siren is rapidly becoming known as a sex therapist. Dee recently began offering her services on her MyPhoneSite.com page, and now you can talk to her about anything, including sex advice, for only $3.99 a minute. Additionally, she’ll be writing a weekly blog for Peeperz and will answer questions sent into the blog section of her website. Although Dee doesn’t have a psychology or sex education degree, she has lots of experience giving couples, women and men advice on sex, swinging and more. She’s also in negotiations to have a segment on a weekly talk radio show.

“I love talking about sex and swinging and people have so many questions,” said Dee. “Most civilians like that I do amateur and professional scenes and feel like they can talk to me about anything. They want to swing and are curious, but don’t know how to start. Or, they want a three-way and are afraid to ask their girlfriend or wife. And of course, there are the technical questions. I love it all.”

Dee can be booked directly, with no booking fees, through her manager, Wayne Siren, at bookings@mrssiren.com, and followed on Twitter @mrssiren.