VENICE, Calif. — When it comes to male performer Dane Cross, there is a lot that people just don't know. Most think of him as the nerdy but quick-witted prankster dating Faye Reagan. Slowly he's begun to change that image, moving from being just a cock prop for internet content and gonzo scenes to racking up feature roles in Will Ryder spoofs and being requested by some of the hottest female talent in the business.

A graduate of Brooks Institute’s film school, Dane Cross is a former news photographer and editor. He directed a music video this year for popular Los Angeles band Anavan and then took off to Europe to tape a pilot for a new travel series while backpacking from one famous hostel to another.

But that's not all. Dane got a big break recently when his old friend, director Adam Rifkin, decided that Dane was perfect to cast in a role for his new series – LOOK.

“I've known Adam for about two years now,” explains Dane. “I gave him a copy of the Office parody and we got to talking. The next thing I know he offered me a role on his new series.”

Rifkin, made famous by his film Detroit Rock City, shot the feature film LOOK back in 2007. Shot entirely on security cameras, the revolutionary movie follows several interweaving stories for over a week in a voyeuristic journey into the most personal parts of the lives of average people. The results were both powerful and shocking — enough to warrant Rifkin turning the movie into a regular weekly television series for a yet to be announced premium cable channel.

“The average American is captured on surveillance camera more than 200 times a day,” explains director Rifkin. “That's what the movie explored. The television series picks up where the movie left off.”

According to the famous director, Dane Cross was the perfect choice for the role.

“Dane possess a great talent for authenticity that a show like this really needs,” Rifkin explains. “I don't want to give away too much, but he was the only choice for the role and I am glad I got to work with him.”

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