AMSTERDAM, NL—Daisy Rock, billed as the United Kingdom's most outrageous porn star, has released her first DVD, simply titled Pornography.

The film represents the best from her body of work with business partner Trash Meister, who is credited as the film's director. Meister also heads up Rock Revenue, home of Daisy's membership site.

On the creation of the film, Meister said, "With Daisy, there is never a dull moment and we have had some amazing experiences through our years of working together. It's very exciting to see some of that come together on DVD. I know that the fun and eroticism we felt making it will be hugely evident to the viewers."

Pornography features Miss Rock in six full-length scenes and two bonus scenes totaling approximately three hours of footage.

In "Manhunt," a super-glossy vignette, Daisy pursues an unsuspecting businessman (portrayed by U.K. Big Brother star Benedict Garrett) in an underground parking garage. Upon snaring her prey, the two engage in highly aggressive sex that leave both panting and sweaty after very real orgasms.

"Fan Fuck" is one of several scenes Daisy has shot with devoted members of her website. Young, inexperienced Phil is the lucky guy this time around and Daisy sweetly guides the lost lamb through the positions with excellent results.

Garnering the most attention is a fly-on-the-wall view of Miss Rock and world-famous superstud Steve Holmes, filmed during Berlin's unparalleled Venus convention. The particularly rare and intimate scene follows the two being reunited for the first time after five years.

"The scene captures our entire day together," says Rock. "You’ll feel the electricity of passion we had between us that day when watching it."

Along with Holmes, the cast of Pornography includes American stars Sara Jay, Jayla Starr, Totally Tabitha, Richard Mann and British performer Satine Spark. U.K. Superstar Megan Coxxx also appears in bonus footage.

Pornography is the first co-production of the recently-announced partnership between House of Trash Rock Productions of Brighton, U.K. and Your Choice Productions of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

At present, Daisy Rock's Pornography is available for both retail and wholesale exclusively through Your Choice. Consumers may click here to purchase the film.

Wholesale inquiries can be made by sending E-mail here or applying for an account at Your Choice Distributions.