BURBANK, CA — Digital Playground has released award-winning director Robby D’s new vignette-feature, Erotico, starring Digital Playground exclusives Stoya and Bibi Jones.  

Available tomorrow, November 19, 2013, the DVD includes five hardcore scenes of workout inspired fantasies.

“There’s an eroticism to athletic women that is very powerful and primal,” said Stoya. “It’s in their focus and their strength. It’s sexy and intense, maybe even dangerous when unbridled. That’s what the stories in Erotico present, women fueled by fantasy and adrenaline.” 

Stoya plays an injured ballerina who finds the will to get back on her feet to seduce ex-boyfriend James Deen on the ballet bar. BiBi Jones embraces her sadistic side with onscreen lover, Billy Bailey. Bonnie Rotten plays a bad-girl boxer whose aggression is released in a sexy shower scene. Beach babe Monique Alexander goes the extra mile in satisfying peeping-tom Jordan Ash. Finally, Dani Daniels ends up training her personal trainer to please her at will.

“Robby D has done a masterful job with Erotico. Visually enticing and thematically stimulating, the movie thrills on many levels,” said James Jakodema, creative director for Digital Playground. “It actually goes beyond what Digital Playground fans will expect. We look forward to their feedback.”