LAS VEGAS — General Motors turned down an offer to make Deep Throat Corvette toys for Arrow Productions at the International Licensing Show in Las Vegas last week.

GM recently received bailout money from the federal government and filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection with the claim that they are going aggressively market the GM brands.

Last week during the International Licensing Show the GM licensing agent for toys stopped by the Arrow booth.General Motors' reputation as a family car company was cited as the reason for declining the opportunity to license Arrow’s Deep Throat Corvette, which has been in over 20 tradeshow and has been a huge part of the Deeper Throat TV show.

“Over this last month GM has had an ad campaign that said they aren’t the old GM. They are re-thinking the way they do business. Well this just tells me that it’s all bullshit. It seems like it's going to be the same old thinking and creative marketing is not going to be part of the new GM ” says Robert Interlandi Arrow Productions Marketing Director.”I say money is money and I know our products sell. But I guess they would rather borrow the money from the government instead of making money!"

Interlandi adds, "I guess they've never heard that sex sells and since they're working with billions of our dollars then what ever sells should be done."