SAN FRANCISCOCrash Pad Series, Volume 4: Rope Burn is now available from Blowfish Video and Pink and White Productions.

Directed by feminist porn auteur Shine Louise Houston, The Crash Pad revolutionized porn, bringing a modern female sentiment to a genre that had long since collapsed into self-parody. The Crash Pad went on to break all sales records at Blowfish Video, her distributor. After two hit follow-up movies (Superfreak and In Search of the Wild Kingdom), she turned her attention to erotic web-based television ... and redefined that, as well. Crash Pad Series, Volume 1 won the Feminist Porn Award for Hottest Dyke Film, marking Houston’s fourth Feminist Porn Award to date. The second installment was screened with great success at the 2007 TrannyFest, the nation’s first transgender film and video festival. The third installment has already been nominated for a coveted Feminist Porn Award. And now, Crash Pad Series, Volume 4 is poised to continue this tradition of excellence and groundbreaking sex in the world of queer erotic cinema.

Crash Pad Series, Volume 4: Rope Burn, takes things to the next level by selecting only the kinkiest, searing hot scenes from the latest seasons of this award-winning series. Whether it's a little bondage, delectable domination or simply sexy submission, this installment explores the world of BDSM through its sizzling hot stars.

Rope Burn features long-time favorite Jiz Lee, as well as introducing new up and coming stars such as Dallas, Tricksie Treat, Sadie Lune, Ex, Mucscle Beach, Brooklyn Flaco, Carson, Cash and Stella. The new standard of quality in the world of lesbian porn has taken it to the next level, and it's breathtaking to watch! Inventive, hot and now intensely sadomasochistic, this latest visit to the Crash Pad is the best yet!

Produced by Blowfish Video and Pink and White Productions, this sizzling, all-new movie will be available May 4, 2009 for $34.95 on DVD at For further information, contact Sally Rose at (415) 252-4340 x.149.