HOLLYWOOD — Claudia Valentine (myspace.com/claudiavalentine) has been hitting her stride as an exciting XXX performer! Fresh off her participation in the Skylar Neil Charity golf tournament and recent red carpet endeavors, Valentine continues to establish herself as prominent adult star.

Always consistent in delivering exciting sex scenes, the beautiful brunette excels pushing her body to its limits with every one of her intoxicating performances. Today Claudia makes two exciting announcements — the first being that Valentine has now signed with L.A. Direct Models for exclusive representation. Effective immediately anyone wanting to book Valentine should contact L.A. Direct Models via its website, ladirectmodels.com or by phone at (323) 850-5888.

“L.A. Direct’s outstanding reputation and professionalism is what attracted me to them,” said Valentine. “I’m excited to have them representing me and believe it to be a prosperous move.”

Valentine’s second major announcement is that the dynamic star is now making herself available for anal performances. Never before has Claudia performed anal sex on camera, and now for the right project the stunning beauty is willing to go all the way.

“I like anal sex, I do it in my personal life,” Claudia noted. “It’s an exhilarating feeling and I enjoy it. It just took awhile for me to be comfortable with doing it on film. Now that I am, I can’t wait to show off that intense side of me.”

Claudia is ready to talk about anal sex and more as she appears on the Sports Swami’s "Last Call" Internet radio show this Friday. May 15th, DQRM.com will air a special episode of "Last Call" that will feature Claudia discussing her upcoming website, her part in the filming of the movie Brüno and much more. "Last Call" airs 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT.

Now an L.A. Direct Models exclusive, the ultra-sexy Claudia Valentine is ready to go more hardcore than ever before! Who will be the company delivering Claudia’s first on-screen anal experience? Stay tuned. For More Claudia Valentine, please visit myspace.com/claudiavalentine and twitter.com/claudiavalentin.