LOS ANGELES — Award-winning editor Claudia Ross is, effective today, the new General Manager of adult post-production house Level 5 Post.

Daughter of the late European director Ugo Ross, Claudia has been with Level 5 for over three years, during which she served as chief video editor, supervising all of the company’s editing projects.
"Claudia has consistently shown a level of commitment to her job that went above and beyond what was required, and putting her in charge of the daily operations is not only a reward for her dedication, but also a tremendous asset for the company," says Level 5 owner/CEO Axel Braun.

"We all admire her creativity, outstanding editing skills and drive,” chimes in Mike Gardena, one of the 16 full-time editors of Level 5. “She’s such a great girl, and we are thrilled to have her as our boss!"
“I had no idea, I really didn’t see it coming!” says a clearly enthusiastic Ross. “Axel always says that hard work, passion and consistency are the three keys to success, and I guess this promotion proves his point!  I am incredibly lucky to have such a great team of people with me, and I’m just very, very excited!”

Founded in 2005 as a one-stop facility catering to all of the industry’s post-production needs, Level 5 Post is currently responsible for the editing and authoring of over 900 adult titles a year. With an experienced team of editors, graphic artists and sound technicians, Level 5 Post is able to provide top-notch quality services to all its clients, while offering the most competitive prices on the market. And being the only adult post-production company with its own dedicated daVinci 2K Plus color correction system, Level 5 Post has the capability of drastically enhancing the picture quality of every project.

For more information, please go to www.level5post.com. Claudia Ross can be reached at claudia@level5post.com.