VENICE, CA — There is a lot of pressure in American society to maintain a slim figure and in few corners should that pressure be more intense than the adult industry, where everything is on display when a performer goes to work every day. 

The Christie Stevens rejects the idea that a person needs to starve to look good and says in her new column for XCritic that being allowed to eat is one of the things she loves about the adult industry. 

“Most viewers don’t care or even notice those pesky five pounds that fluctuate or refuse to go away,” she writes. “And with a niche for nearly every body type, ie: teen, big boob, big butt, BBW, it’s hard for women in the industry to not feel good about their bodies. We’re allowed to have a little meat on our bones. It’s sensual, erotic, like the classic Venus.”

Fans who have followed Steven’s success in the ring will be interested in her atest challenge in "Star Girl vs. The Master & Disciple!" In this short, Christie takes on two guys, The Tay and Rifferus, and enjoys a lite cum-uppance from the villainous duo as they unleash some necessary roughness as they attempt to get her to submit.

To see the entire Christie scene go to and watch episode 23.

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