VENICE, Calif.—The November 2012 issue of Xcitement is here and it is sure to cause some excitement with Christie Stevens gracing the cover. As one of the Christie’s first covers, this is a keepsake and something to get signed if you ever get the chance. And East Coasters, this is your chance.

It’s the week you’ve been waiting for... your opportunity to meet the lovely and the busty, the charming and the lusty Christie Stevens in person. Christie will be at the Exxxotica NJ convention in Edison, NJ, this weekend, signing for LA Direct Models, which means this is your opportunity to meet, greet, get a photo with and even ask a question of the hot young starlet.

Don’t know what you might ask when you come face to face with the young beauty? Don’t get caught speechless, meet Christie with confidence after reading or listening to her two-part interview with You will gems like these:

"Anal scene prep: Lots of butt plugs! I started with my fingers, just getting the muscles back there relaxed and then I started using small plugs and then moved up in size. I’m also reading a book called the Ultimate Guide for Anal Sex for Women. That book is helping me a lot.

"Measure B: I am voting No to Measure B. I think it’s a violation of our freedom of expression. The government should not be able to say what we can do with our bodies.

"Crazy sex experiences: I’ve had sex at the back of a cab. I guess that’s not considered the craziest thing maybe. Probably having a threesome with two guys when I was in college while other people were watching."

There is also a great new video interview with Christie at Check it out and you’ll also find links to a couple hot trailers to Christie movies Baby Got Boobs and Dewey Cox part 2: Backstage Booty.

For more information on eXXXotica NJ go to here. Christie will be signing for LA Direct Models. The event is Nov. 9-11 in Edison, NJ.

While you're at it, check out a new scene from Christie at and follow Christie on Twitter.