VAN NUYS, CA — Everybody does it although most won’t admit it, but we all know it’s happening. Maybe you’re doing it yourself. Or, maybe it’s being done to you. Maybe you have friends who are doing it. Certainly seems like everyone’s doing it nowadays. Yep, everybody cheats. One only need glance at today’s headlines to know that even the most highly-trained, disciplined men in the world are susceptible to the advances of a seductive woman. What kind of woman goes after a married man? All kinds. Here to prove it is Naughty America’s I Have a Wife 20, now available from leading adult video distributor Pure Play Media.

I Have a Wife 20 shows men who think if they tell these sexually-ravenous women that they’re married, the girl will back off. These lustful ladies don’t care about rings and wedding vows; they only care about getting cock. Maybe it’s the allure of trying to take something that belongs to someone else, maybe it’s the idea that there will be “no strings attached.” Or, maybe these sluts just need to get laid and the best available option happens to be a married man. Whatever the reasons may be — if a guy's taken a vow, these women will go for his trow.

Cover-model Gia DiMarco is a CPA and has a client who claims that his friend can save him more than half the money she's saved him preparing his taxes. DiMarco isn't prepared to “cook the books,” but she does want to retain her client. Instead, while his wife is out, she decides to cook his cock in her mouth, pussy and asshole. She's now ready to do anything for him after he blasts his load in her mouth — all he has to do is tax that ass.

Riley Evans stops by to ask her married neighbor for some creamer to have in her morning coffee. Evans just can't have her coffee without her favorite creamer. His wife’s already left the house for work, so why not be a good neighbor and give Riley his “creamer” all over her face?

While his wife is getting showered and “dolled up” to go out for some “girl time” with her new friend from work, Victoria Lawson, she asks her hubby to entertain her co-worker. Uber-horny Lawson doesn't waste any time and pressures the husband into showing her his massive member. Before you know it, they’re banging away in one room, while the wife is in the shower getting squeaky clean.

Party planner Katie Jordin has been hired to manage a wife’s “Coming Home” party. As she's getting a layout of the house to prepare for the festivities, the sexy brunette asks the husband to see the master bedroom. He's a bit confused until she tells him that she wants to get the party started right way by giving him a warm-up fuck in anticipation of his wife’s homecoming.

Sophia Bella is horny and pissed. She needs her pussy eaten, and her boyfriend is too busy drinking with his buddies while golfing. Meanwhile, the carpet installation company is at her place taking measurements. Bella’s pussy needs some attention now, but the carpet installer tells her he's married. That makes no difference to her, she needs her carpet treated and munched immediately and since he’s right there, he's the right man for the job.

Naughty America’s I Have a Wife 20 showcases the finest in “cheating sex” and gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the world of adultery,” stated Pure Play Media sales manager Ms. Sonia. “For some women, the idea of getting with a married man is an appealing one, and the performers in I Have a Wife 20 play the role of the “prowling slut” to the hilt. We’ve received a lot of great feedback on the Gia DiMarco cover and we expect this title to be strong seller for us.”