LOS ANGELES—Wicked Pictures is holding audition dates for award-winning director Brad Armstrong’s upcoming musical parody, The Rocki Whore Picture Show. News of the casting call follows Wicked’s recent sponsorship of the official Rocky Horror Picture Show 35th Anniversary Convention in Los Angeles. (For a gallery of photos from the event, click here.)

In a first for the company, Armstrong will be posting audition information for aspiring cast members online. The page, which just went live today, is at WickedPictures.com/RockiWhore. “We’ll be putting up one of the parody songs, with lyrics for people to learn and sing,” he reveals. “There will also be scenes from the parody script to perform. It should be lots of fun.”

Armstrong emphasizes, “Obviously we’ll be looking for performers that look like the original cast members, but even more importantly, we’re looking for people that can mimic their mannerisms. Singing ability is preferred but it’s not mandatory. It’s more important that people have a flair for the dramatic and a willingness to let go and just have fun.

“Fans of the Rocky Horror Picture Show will obviously have an advantage, but talented people who are quick studies will be welcome,” he continued. “Those who are new to the movie should grab the Rocky Horror Horror Picture Show 35th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray to get up to speed. And if you know the show but haven’t seen it in years, the Blu-ray is a great way to refresh your memory.”

At present, most of the film’s leads have yet to be cast. “The only roles that aren’t up for grabs are those of the Criminologist and Dr. Scott. They’ll be played by James Bartholet and Ron Jeremy respectively,” Armstrong explained. “Ronnie actually has a long history with Rocky Horror from back in the day, and even knows some of the original cast members personally.”

The director confides, “I do have some people in mind for certain roles, but nothing has been set in stone. I’m hoping someone comes into the audition completely out of left field and blows me away. I’d love to cast some undiscovered performers alongside the more established actors.”

Auditions will be held on the evenings of Nov. 9 and 10, and will be videotaped as part of a behind-the-scenes feature for the DVD release. Advance audition information, including script excerpts and the audition location, will be available on a special page of Wicked.com. Filming of the movie will take place during the first week of December. 

To learn more, please visit Wicked.com.