Philadelphia—The HotMovies booth at the 15th Annual Venus Trade Fair in Berlin is going to be a little bit more dominant, fetishy and intimidating thanks to Carmen Rivera and her breath-taking strap-on dildo.

Carmen is also slated to perform her new police/authority-themed fetish show throughout the weekend and represent at the booth.  

She will bring her epic strap-on dildo “Hammerteil,” a level 80 heavy rubber monster, 8 cm in diameter, that she designed and crafted herself. They will be available for sale, although Carmen warns novices to wield the massive dildo with extreme care. 

Hammerteil features a reinforced mounting which, “gives it more stability, so that even hard pounding is possible” according to Rivera, as well as a replaceable ring for mounting smaller, less intimidating dildos.     

Sabrina Deep and friends will also sign autographs and meet fans at the HotMovies booth. 

Sabrina and her World Bukkake Tour had planned to host a massive fan-blowbang on Sunday, September 25.  Unfortunately, Venus officials denied her request; a development that HotMovies’ Occupational Safety Adviser C.J. laments. “Now I have four hazmat suits I have to return to Amazon.” 

Sabrina Deep’s World Bukkake Tour return to theU.S.right after the Venus Trade Fair, getting off fans in droves inNew York. 

Germanyis the planet’s second largest market for adult products after the United States. The 15th Annual Venus Trade Fair will take place from Sept. 29-Oct. 2 in Berlin. The fair features industry professionals and fans from all over the world.