LOS ANGELES, Calif.—Art porn director Carlos Batts and his model/performer wife April Flores have opened the doors of perception into their private lives a little wider with a free photography and art exhibit to be held at Studio Servitu in downtownLos Angeles, starting Friday, July 29.

Batts will exhibit work from his series of non-digital photography collages, an ongoing series that originated from mixed media collages as well as a creative approach to darkroom techniques. The exhibit will feature Batts’ abstract cubist photography, a style which can also be seen in his filmmaking productions.

A brief glimpse into Batts’ art photography collages can be seen on YouTube, a response to years of inquiries as to whether or not his work was made on Photoshop. Batts, who constructs one-of-a-kind negatives to produce each unique print, incorporates digital technology in his creative process, which is evident in his new film Artcore, shot entirely on the Kodak Zi8 and is now available on tlacult.com.

April Flores, best known for being a muse and model to artists, directors and photographers around the world, has recently stepped behind the camera to document herself during a difficult time in her life. As a way to deal with the physical and emotional pain of her recent miscarriage, April turned the camera on herself to cope and grow from the experience. 

More about Flores’ photography series can be seen at her blog. April Flores will exhibit this series of self-portraits in conjunction with new photo-collages by Batts.

More information about the exhibition can be seen at Batts' site, as well as Flores' site and via Twitter.

Although the exhibition is free to the public, visitors are asked to RSVP for the event, which will be from 7pm to 11pm at downtownLos Angelesart/dungeon space Studio Servitu, located at 800 McGarry Street, LA, CA 90021.

Reservations to be placed on the guest list can be made by contacting Studio Servitu