LOS ANGELES, CA — For those who can never get enough hot Latina lovin’ — either in person or on video — Ralph Long’s, Sexy Senoritas 7 is set to ship on September 29. This time, though, the ladies are slipping around for some strange. 

Immoral Productions’ director Ralph Long stated, “In this volume of Sexy Senoritas I took a different approach. I was able to find five married Spanish babes and convince them to have sex with me. These cheating wives all fucked me without knowing that I was filming it. I can’t wait to expose them in this, my latest release!” 

The seventh volume of Sexy Senoritas features five scenes with lovely Latina wives who crave the big schlong of Ralph Long, who captures the cuties committing carnal acts with a hidden camera. Each of these Sexy Senoritas does things that their husbands won’t believe… until they see this movie.

As with all Immoral Productions releases, Sexy Senoritas Volume 7 is being distributed by Pure Play Media. Sales manager Bill Rix commented, “I am still in shock seeing how sexually aggressive these married women were. I guess Ralph gave them something that their husbands couldn’t.”